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March 10th, 2015

Bowl-a-Thon page of the week: April G with Georgia Reproductive Justice Access Network!

This week, we're celebrating April of the Back Alley Ballbusters, bowling for Georgia Reproductive Justice Access Network! April was nominated for her "fantastic message, adorable photo." We agree! April says "This year, I'm hoisting my toddler on my back, putting on funny shoes and hurling a hilariously small ball at some pins because I believe that everyone should have access to the abortions they need, regardless of how much money they have. I'm bowling for everyone who's had to decide between paying rent and having their abortion. I'm bowling for the client who endured a two hour bus ride after hir appointment because the clinic was so far from home. I'm bowling for my daughter." She's only $158 away from her $1000 goal.

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March 9th, 2015

Meet Our New Executive Director, Yamani Hernandez!

On May 1, Yamani Hernandez will join the National Network of Abortion Funds as Executive Director. NNAF mobilizes its base of nearly 100 member abortion funds to eliminate economic barriers to abortion for low-income women, women of color, girls, and transgender and gender non-conforming people across the United States. 

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March 3rd, 2015

Bowl-a-Thon page of the week: Left Sharks for Reproductive Justice for the Lilith Fund!

Congratulations to the Bowl-a-Thon Page of the Week winners, Left Sharks for Reproductive Justice, bowling with the Lilith Fund

The Left Sharks were nominated for gif-fing their way to abortion funding because "It's sharks, come on." The Left Sharks are bowling in Houston with one of Lilith Fund's 5 events. Like they say, "if you mess with Texas, you get the sharks." 

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February 24th, 2015

Bowl-a-Thon page of the week: Vanessa with the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project!

Congratulations to the Bowl-a-Thon Page of the Week winner, Vanessa, who's bowling with the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project! 

Vanessa was nominated for her work orgniazing in Richmond. She works on racial justice and intersectional issues, she just graduated medical school, she's studying for her OB/GYN residency, and her teammates say she's constantly texting them to remind them it's Bowl-a-Thon season. "Please recognize this human being as the bad ass she is. Seriously, this woman does not give up." Sounds like a bad ass to us, too!

Click here to give some love to Vanessa and donate to her Bowl-a-Thon!  

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February 20th, 2015

Now Accepting Communications Consultant Proposals!

NNAF is currently accepting proposals for a highly skilled communications consultant to facilitate comprehensive communications strategies for our forthcoming executive director transition and organizational and brand development. Read more here [pdf]. Deadline 2/27/15.

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October 31st, 2014

NNAF Staff Phone Bank for Earned Sick Time

This past Tuesday, staff members of the National Network of Abortion Funds were proud to phone bank for earned sick time in Massachusetts as part of the Yes On 4 campaign, in partnership with the Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action (JALSA), a member of Raise Up Massachusetts.

 As abortion fund activists, we know that earned sick time is a crucial part of economic justice and therefore reproductive justice. A woman should be able to take time off work to take care of herself and her family without fear of losing her job. This helps enable her to access reproductive health care, including abortion care, and also to care for the children she already has.

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September 30th, 2014

Our stories, our voices: the Hyde Amendment is the backdrop

September 30, 2014 marks the 38th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment, which passed in 1976. A direct response to the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion just three years earlier, the Hyde Amendment was the first of many restrictions on abortion, and denied Medicaid patients the right to an abortion. Later restrictions followed: federal employees, U.S. military personnel and their families, Peace Corps volunteers, Indian Health Service recipients, federal prisoners, and people with disabilities covered by Medicare — all denied abortion coverage.

The intent of the Hyde Amendment is to make it more difficult for low-income women to get the abortions they need. It is the backdrop to all abortion funds. It is the backdrop to our stories.

On the 38th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment we are proud to share the stories and voices of abortion fund activists collected and recorded by StoryCorps at the National Network of Abortion Funds 20th Anniversary Summit held in Oakland, California in June 2013.

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September 29th, 2014

Spotlight on ACCESS Women's Health Justice

While this September marks another sad anniversary of the restrictive Hyde Amendment, ACCESS Women’s Health Justice in Oakland, Calilfornia will be doing what they've been doing since 1993: helping women get the care they need without delay. From a small group of volunteer clinic escorts, this fund has grown into a national reproductive justice powerhouse.

Check out the fund spotlight on ACCESS!

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August 27th, 2014

The Be Bold Road Trip continues east

The Bravemobile started on the west coast and is scheduled to arrive in DC in mid-September, stopping at points along the way to garner support for lifting the bans that deny anyone coverage for abortion.

In August the Be Bold Road Trip made it to the Twin Cities, where supporters flocked to the bus to sign the wall of support...and to take the Taco Or Beer Challenge!

Check out this video for a glimpse into the the tour, including an appearance by NNAF Deputy Director Megan Peterson!

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