What is the George Tiller Memorial Abortion Fund?

The George Tiller Memorial Abortion Fund is the National Network of Abortion Funds’ national abortion fund that helps women to pay for later abortion care and helps those who need to travel out of state for an abortion or those who live in a state that lacks an abortion fund. The Fund is managed by our national office and our National Case Manager. Women seeking later abortions must often travel very far from their home states to get to clinics that can provide the care they need. Later abortions are also significantly more expensive than first-trimester abortions.

The George Tiller Memorial Abortion Fund is the only resource of its kind.

We created the George Abortion Tiller Memorial Fund on May 31, 2009, the day that Dr. Tiller was assassinated in his church attending Sunday worship services.

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For over 35 years, Dr. Tiller served the women of Kansas, the United States, and often the world, as a compassionate provider of later abortion care. In 1985, Dr. Tiller’s clinic was bombed, and in 1993 he was shot in both arms by an abortion protester outside his clinic. He endured years of harassment and death threats. 

Throughout it all, Dr. Tiller’s commitment to women’s access to abortion never wavered. 

"Make no mistake, this battle is about self-determination by women of the direction and course of their lives and their family’s lives. Abortion is about women’s hopes and dreams. Abortion is a matter of survival for women.”

The day that Dr. Tiller was assassinated, the National Network of Abortion Funds received hundreds of calls and emails from former patients, former colleagues, from his friends, all asking us to do something. We answered by creating the George Tiller Memorial Abortion Fund to celebrate the life and legacy of this man who believed above all in honoring women's lives and futures. And on the very next day at the office, we received a donation from Dr. Tiller himself, mailed on the Friday before his death.

Within just a few weeks, the Fund raised more than $70,000 to help the same women to whom Dr. Tiller had dedicated his life. Through the Fund, and through you, Dr. Tiller’s legacy lives on.

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