Women's Medical Fund

If you live in the Philadelphia area (Southeastern Pennsylvania) or are going there for your abortion, the Women's Medical Fund may be able to help you pay for your abortion.  Occasionally WMF can also help with transportation, lodging, and ultrasound.  First, make an appointment for your abortion, even if you do not yet have the money to pay for it—you can call 215-985-3300 for information about clinics near you—and then call the Women's Medical Fund to talk to our counselor about financial assistance.

  • Financial Assistance
  • Travel
  • Lodging

Other services: ultrasound

Our Story

The Women's Medical Fund (WMF) was founded in 1985, the year that Pennsylvania cut off Medicaid funding for abortions.  Because the right to a safe legal abortion is meaningless for those who cannot afford to pay for it, WMF has worked locally for 25 years to transform those rights into reality for all women and girls.

Our Community

Since 1985, the Women's Medical Fund has enabled over 13,000 women and teens in the Philadelphia area to exercise their right to choose a safe legal abortion by providing emergency financial assistance.  In addition to directly serving low-income women, WMF raises public awareness about the need for public funding of abortion care and works with health care professionals to expand Medicaid funding.

Get Involved

For abortion Funds, raising money is half the battle, because they can’t help women unless they have something to give.  Donating to your local abortion Fund means giving a woman the resources she needs to make the choice that is right for her.

Furthermore, WMF is a small organization, and even small donations of time, talent and resources can make a huge difference in women's lives: join a committee, host a house party, attend an event, or make an online donation to help a woman who has nowhere else to turn. Click here for more information, or send an email to info@womensmedicalfund.org.

The Women's Medical Fund is also on Facebook and Twitter, where members share the latest news and information.

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