Women Have Options


Women Have Options works with most clinics in Ohio. We do not have a process to work directly with individuals. Please contact a clinic as soon as possible to discuss your situation. 

  • Financial Assistance
  • Travel
  • Lodging

Other services: contraception, emergency contraception

Our Story

Women Have Options is Ohio’s only independent abortion fund. Founded in 1992, they are an all-volunteer organization dedicated to helping women afford their reproductive choices. They are a founding member of the National Network of Abortion Funds, which includes more than 100 abortion funds around the United States.

Simply, they provide financial assistance to help women afford contraception, emergency contraception, and abortion services. While they receive grants from national foundations, most of their resources come from individual donors. They distribute funds to clinics throughout Ohio. These clinics, in turn, use the funds to provide financial assistance to women in need. Since 1992, Women Have Options has helped thousands of women pay for their reproductive choices.

Our Community

Some of the women the Fund serves are single parents struggling to support their children, many are students determined to complete their education, while others are facing debilitating conditions such as domestic violence, illness, substance abuse, rape, or incest.  All deserve to make their own reproductive choices, without jeopardizing their health or future.

Get Involved

The cost of a first trimester abortion can be more than a poverty level family lives on in a month. Women forgo food, risk eviction, and pawn their possessions as they attempt to raise money for an abortion.  Some are forced to continue the pregnancy, abandon their education, and stay trapped in poverty.  For many women, what may seem like a small amount—often less than $100—can make all the difference, allowing them to afford the reproductive health care they desperately need.

Support Women Have Options as they fight for reproductive justice. Join them in protecting women’s lives and women’s futures.

To give to Women Have Options and start making a difference in your community today, click here. To find out about upcoming events or to volunteer, join the Fund on Facebook, Visit the website or send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]. You can even ‘shop till you drop’ online while supporting the reproductive rights of women in Ohio.  The Fund is always looking for volunteers, so if you have a special skill or time, they would love to hear from you.

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