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Our fund no longer makes individual pledges.  Each year we will select two clinics to donate the money our fund raises and allow them to distribute the funds to their patients needing financial assistance.  

We are proud to share that the two clinics selected for 2015 are South Wind Women's Center in Wichita, Kansas and A Preferred Women's Health Center in Forest Park, Georgia. 
If you have an appointment scheduled with either of these clinics please ask them directly if they have "Make A Difference" funds available to help you cover the cost of your abortion. Our pledges range from $50 - $200

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Our Story

The Make A Difference Fund is an all-volunteer organization that helps women all across the United States cover the cost of an abortion. The volunteers and individuals who generously donate their time and money to the MADF support reproductive healthcare for all and believe access to safe abortion care is an important part of reproductive healthcare. 

Our Community

Last year, the Make A Difference Fund helped over 200 women afford abortions that they needed. 

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