Iowa Abortion Access Fund

This Fund helps pay for abortions for residents of Iowa as well as residents of Rock Island, Henry, and Mercer counties in Illinois. When you make your appointment for an abortion ask about the Iowa Abortion Access Fund and the clinic will give you the phone number. When you call the Iowa Abortion Access Fund, you will need to know the name of the clinic where you are having an abortion, the date of your appointment, and how much it costs.

  • Financial Assistance

Our Story

The Iowa Abortion Access Fund was founded in 1978 and raises money for women throughout the state of Iowa and the Quad Cities. Like many abortion funds, the Iowa Abortion Access Fund began as a clergy consultation service in the days before Roe v. Wade, when abortion was illegal, referring women and girls to clinics in other states and helping them make connections. Later, when abortion was a legal option, they continued to help anyone who needed financial assistance.

They are dedicated to the belief that the freedom to choose legal abortion should be available to all women.

Our Community

Every year the Fund helps hundreds of women who would otherwise not have been able to afford an abortion.

The Iowa Abortion Access Fund is always looking for ways to spread its message and gain new supporters. Representatives from the Fund are available to speak to groups and organizations about their mission and work, and supporters hold events to raise money throughout the year. 

Get Involved

For abortion funds, raising money is half the battle, because they can’t help women unless they have something to give. Donating to your local abortion fund means giving a woman the resources she needs to make the choice that is right for her.

Click here to donate to the Iowa Abortion Assistance Fund and start making a difference in your community today. If you would like information about volunteering with the Fund, attending the annual dinner and auction, or getting a speaker for your group or organization, email the Fund at [email protected] or join their online mailing list

And don't forget to join the Fund's Facebook page, where community members share resources and updates.

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