A Fund, Inc.


If you are a resident of Kentucky or are going there for your abortion, please contact one of the clinics listed below to make an appointment and request funding from the A Fund.

In Northern Kentucky: 

  • Women's Medical Center,  Cincinnati: 1-800-543-7225 or 513-751-6000
  • Planned Parenthood, Cincinnati: 513-287-6488
  • Clinic for Women, Indianapolis: 1-800-545-2400 or 317-955-2641
  • Indianapolis Women's Center: 317-353-9371
  • EMW, Louisville: 502-589-2124  (most expensive in region)
  • EMW, Lexington: 859-287-0331 or 1-800-432-9327 (up to 12 weeks only; very expensive)

In Western Kentucky:

  • The Hope Clinic for Women, Granite City, IL: 1-800-844-3130 or 618 451-5722
  • Planned Parenthood, Bloomington, IN: 812-336-0219

In Southern Kentucky: 

  • The Women's Center, Nashville, TN: 615 331-1200 ext. 4

  • Financial Assistance

Our Story

A Fund, Inc. is an all-volunteer organization that was founded in 1993 by a group of Kentuckians responding to the severe crisis experienced by many low-income women when faced with the need for an abortion. 

Our Community

Last year, the A Fund helped over 400 women who otherwise would not have been able to afford an abortion. 

Volunteers with the A Fund also take part in outreach efforts such as tabling at college campus events to promote awareness of the need for abortion funding and to recruit new volunteers.

Get Involved

For the A Fund, raising money is half the battle: they can’t help women unless they have something to give. Donating to your local abortion fund means giving a woman the resources she needs to make the choice that is right for her.

To give to Kentucky's A Fund and start making a difference in your community today, click here. For more information about getting involved and finding out about volunteering with the fund, call the numbers above to talk with someone from the A Fund. Like their Facebook page to keep up with information about local events and reproductive health news.


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