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April 5th, 2013

Bowl-a-Thon page of the week: April Greene, with the Back Alley Ballbusters!

Congratulations to April Greene, this week's National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon Page of the Week winner!

A little over a year ago, April worked her first hotline shift for the Georgia Reproductive Justice Access Network, which she had helped to get off the ground in 2011 to help low-income women of northeast Georgia. Later that year, she had her beautiful baby, seen here growling with her mama as they take on the forces that deny anyone the medical care they need.

And just this past month, April went back to the hotline for the first time since her baby was born, convinced more than ever that it was time to bowl. In her area of Georgia, 18% of the population lives in poverty and there are no abortion providers.

"In early 2012, I worked my first shift for GRJAN. All week I spoke on the phone to a woman who was trying to line up enough money to make an appointment for her abortion. I remember sneaking away a few times a day to answer her calls or to call her back, adamant about reassuring her that I was still here. She already had a child, a son with a disability, and she had moved to Georgia from a state where Medicaid covered abortion. She was pissed that Georgia offered no such coverage, and I was pissed for her.

After a few days, we scrounged up enough money from her personal resources and other abortion funds to help her feel comfortable about making her appointment, and I pledged her GRJAN's $100 weekly budget. The last time we spoke, she reiterated just how mad she was that she had to jump through so many hoops to pay for her abortion. Over a year later, I still feel her anger."

April's page was nominated because she and her daughter are so obviously awesome (not to mention adorable). And as a new fund in a drastically underserved area, the Georgia Reproductive Justice Access Network will benefit greatly from the support and the cash infusion that the Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon brings. We love the determination of April and her fellow board members and volunteers in northeast Georgia, and pity the fool who doesn't check out April's page! Growl!

GRJAN's current weekly budget is $100. All donations, no matter how small, make a great difference to this fledgling fund, and you can help out at April's Bowl-a-Thon page right here.

To check out past winners and nominate a page of the week, click here. Every Friday we will showcase a new winner!

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